21 things to do before my 21st Birthday :)

1) Since this is my weight loss blog my first thing is to weigh 150lbs before my 21st birthday
2) Go to a concert
3)Kiss in the Rain
4)Spa day with a good friend: at least get a massage and facial
5)Go Back-packing
6)Do 50 push-ups in a row
7) Go to a drive-in movie theater
8)Dance outside (preferably under the moonlight)
9) Go to a pro- baseball or soccer game
10) fall in love ( I notice nearly every list I see has this on it ;) we've all got the same idea)
11) run 5 miles without stopping
12) Run a Half-marathon
13) Bon Fire on the beach
14) Ice skate outside
15) 1 month without sweets
16) Watch a meteor shower and then stay up to watch the sunrise :)
17) Save $1000.00
18) live with out cell phone, email, or any other outside connections for one week.
19) wear a pair of shorts in public
20) make a snow angel
21) try something out of my comfort zone

UNFORTUNATELY I left for a while and I forgot about this list..I still have 6 months left but I am trying to save money for an adventure when I graduate college, so I won't be able to really finish all of these before my 21st, but I think I will add on a few and edit this list as my 21st approaches, and then just have it be 22 things to do. Gosh I'm getting old!