About Me

     Hi everyone! and welcome to my blog. This blog is about me getting my life back on track, and finding my healthy-self. It is my second year in college and life has been full of ups and downs. I have always been slightly larger than everyone else, but it wasn't until the end of my junior year of high school that my weight started ballooning out of control. I have been a vegetarian for about 3 years, though I experimented on and off with it my whole life. In my freshman year of college I transitioned from vegetarian to vegan and I lost 25 pounds and kept it off for a good 6 months, that was until I gave up on veganism. I felt so isolated from my friends that I went back to being a vegetarian, and with this change, I was actually able to eat pizza and sweets in the dining hall. I overindulged and gained back 20 of those pounds back quite quickly. I was aware that I had gained weight , but I didn't realize how bad it was. So this is my journey to be happy with myself and get to a healthy weight.
                                                              WHAT DO I EAT?
    Almost vegan? I was for a while, but that went downhill, people also started to tell me how unhealthy I looked. I honestly went about it the wrong way. I became a vegan for two reasons, one because of my love for animals and my disapproval of their treatment, and also as a depriving method. By becoming a vegan, there was NOTHING in the dining hall that I could eat, so I basically starved myself, but telling myself that I was full. But besides that, the food that had dairy in it was disgusting anyways, so I doubt that I would have eaten it anyways. I am not particularly a fan of eggs, so I pretty much never eat an egg, unless I just end up craving one or it's baked into something that I eat. Growing up I was lactose intolerant, so going without dairy is no biggie to me. But I've learned to healthily incorporate dairy into my diet. I mainly enjoy a vegan lifestyle, except for those days when I am just CRAVING some fro-yo or when I go out to eat and a veggie quesadilla just calls my name. :)
Working out
    Last year I used to run everyday, twice a day, and I really enjoyed it. Besides the fact that it torched tons of calories, I loved being outside and running, but then the rain came. I had cut back to only running once a day, then 3 times a week, then not at all, and that is when the pounds started to pack on. I would love to eventually run a marathon. I'm just trying to get myself healthy and get back to the point in my life where I loved running and I loved life. But now I want to start running again, for fun. Because when you are happy you are also healthy.