Height: 5'7''
Starting weight: 222lbs
Goal: 122lbs It would be amazing for me to shoot for losing 100 pounds but...
Realistic healthy goal: 152lbs

So instead of giving myself this really high number and expecting myself to lose 100lbs, I figured I would set a realistic healthy goal. 152lbs puts me into the normal healthy category instead of being overweight. Once I reach this goal  I would like to re-evaluate and decide if shooting for those extra 30 pounds is something I still want. This blog is not about me trying to lose tons of weight to make anyone else but me happy. I just want to get to a healthy weight that I can be happy with.

09/30/11-----222lbs (start)
10/07/11-----218lbs (-4)
10/14/11-----215.8lbs (-2.2)
10/21/11-----215lbs (-.8)
2/11/12-----206lbs (-6)
2/20/12-----204lbs (-2)